Our company was established towards the end of 2010 by young engineers and technician entrepreneurs who have worked in the leading manufacturers of the sector in the field of environmental design and urban architecture, and aims to deliver its experience and knowledge to you, the customers, with its own brand.

Our company, which has continuously increased its quality and service by constantly acting with the aim of achieving better since the day it was founded, has continuously improved its production area, as well as personnel, machinery, technology investments every year. Our Ankara-based company, which provides service in a small office, has developed itself with its administrative building and manufacturing fields on this road that started alone in a small office and has become a company that is on the way of institutionalization in a short time.

Not only did it deliver urban furniture and children's playground materials to 81 provinces, many districts, towns and villages in the country, but as of the end of 2017, it sent various urban furniture and children's playground materials to 18 different countries, 3 of which are EU countries, and 3 different continents.

We design and produce the most aesthetic and high quality products for you with our engineer staff who follow the developing technology with a researcher and entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to quality production, we are professionally obliged to bring the best product to our environment by giving importance to ergonomics and functionality.

Forest Industrial Engineer


High Quality Production

As Park Erdem, we use the latest technology and offer high quality in the products we offer to our customers.

The Right Supply Chain

We owe the quality in our production to the selection of the right supplier. As Park Erdem, we always work with the best in the market.

Competitive Price Advantage

With the advantage of being a manufacturer in all of our products, we aim to offer our customers the most affordable prices and products.